Hi, I'm "Donor Dylan"

As many of my bio kids call me. I'm a former sperm donor with 96+ donor children in six countries, advocating for ethical reform in the donor conception industry, as well as for Donor-Conceived People (DCP), Recipient Parents (RPs), and gamete donors internationally.

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My Story

At the beginning of the pandemic, a group of over 40 mothers of my donor kids found me online. I was given the choice to connect with them or to live my life with relative normalcy and wait for the kids to reach out to me when they're 18 if they wanted to.

The right choice was obvious.

I was coming off a divorce, estrangement from my almost-adopted son, and was mid-career-change. The donor mother who first contacted me, now a close friend, reached out thanking me for the gift of children while I was in the office on the first day of a new job. I saw pictures of my biological daughter and changed profoundly.

I'm now connected to dozens of my bios, traveling the world and learning about the experiences of DCP, RPs, and donors while helping advance legislation supporting DCP, creating resources for donors, and making the industry of making humans a lot more human.

My "Why"

Beyond my personal investment in the donor conception space, there are an estimated one million DCP living in the US alone, and too often they face issues involving:

  • a lack of educational resources for their parents to better understand the DCP experience
  • fraudulent or inaccessible medical histories of their donors
  • an unreasonable number of biological siblings
  • difficulty identifying their biological siblings
  • and other unethical sperm banking practices that leave them in an unmanageable social and emotional landscape.

I don't want my bio kids, nor yours, nor you, to have to deal with these preventable problems. My vision is for the next generations of donor conceived children, who didn't have a choice in the matter, to have the infrastructure around them to never have to worry, wonder, or struggle due to their donor-conceived status.

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Organizations in the Donor Conception Space


A nonprofit that strives to increase awareness of the needs, interests, and challenges of donor conceived people and advance change that promotes and protects their health, welfare, and human rights



A nonprofit offering peer support groups for people navigating donor conception

What I'm Doing

Building resources for donors

Building resources for donors to make informed decisions with integrity and support. Reach out to me at [email protected] if you're interested in joining a support group for former donors.

Five Things I Wish I'd Known Before Donating Sperm

Educating about donor conception

Educating the public about the legal and ethical landscape of donor conception, online and soon on college campuses.

Know a bioethics professor that might like to have me or a donor-conceived person as a guest speaker? Email me

Telling stories of stakeholders in the donor conception space

Sharing my story and others with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the world.

A television show about donor conception

Ethical Donorhood

Showing up for my donor kids.

Sharing information I wasn't lucky enough to receive

Educating about the donor conception industry and the donor experience


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Chosen Family

A 60-minute dramedy - based on true events - telling the stories of donor conception

"The most appealing or significant aspects of Chosen Family are its unique character perspectives. With several stories with stark differences, but that ultimately come together, the unique character perspectives not only enrich the exploration of family dynamics but also serve as a reflection of the diversity and complexity of modern families. Each character, from Leo and Soleil to Claire and Shea, offers a distinct viewpoint on what family means to them and how they navigate the challenges of shared paternity. Thematically, this is a story about family, identity, and the complexities of modern relationships. It also delves into the emotional and societal implications of sperm donation and the unexpected connections it can create."

- Scriptmatix


What Should Donorhood Look Like?

Traveling to see my donor kids is expensive!

Let's change the narratives for donors and donor-conceived people together

"Donor Dylan" (Dylan Stone-Miller)

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